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USCG Motor Lifeboat at Flotilla 06-01 Morro Bay, California Rescue Station




Coast Guard Modernization Overview

US Coast Guard Modernization Report 11/25/08    12:14 Mins

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National Commodore of Auxiliary Webpage


USCGAUX Narrow Band Radio Overview


USCGAUX Narrow Band Radio Update


USCG Auxiliary Manual (619 Pages)


Phonetic Numerals Chart


Phonetic Alphabet Chart





How To Wear The ODU

The Proper Wearing of the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU)    04:43 Mins

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Auxiliary Uniform Resources


Uniform Distribution Center Online Shopping


Anaheim Uniform Material Center Online Shopping


What To Wear & When Uniform Guide


USCG Auxiliary Uniform Manual


Uniform Ribbon Display Finder



USCG Online Educational Resources


USCG National Online Testing Center


Auxiliary Online Electronic Directory


Online Testing Materials & Manuals


Director of Auxiliary List of Manuals


Online Auxiliary Member Manuals



AUXCOM Training Resources


AUX Telecommunications PQS


Telecommunications Handbook


AUXCOM Course Student Study Guide


Intro To Communications PowerPoint


AUX Telecomm PQS Announcement


AUXCOM PowerPoint Presentation


AUXCOM Course Answer Guide


Listen To AUXNET Radio Traffic


VHF Marine Frequency List



USCG Training Ship "Eagle" New London, Connecticut




Profile of The USCG Barque Eagle

A Profile of the USCG Barque Eagle    04:03 Mins

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Interested in Joining The Auxiliary?


New Auxiliary Membership Application Form


New Auxiliary Application Security Form


New Member Course Student Study Guide


New Member Examination Answer Sheet


New Auxiliary Member Guide


Aux Member ID Card Form




Jason Gant, W6AUX

Commander    Flotilla 1140513

TCO USCG Auxiliary Radio NF114AK

P.O. Box 15937    Long Beach CA 90815-0937

310-510-3003    Cell 714-403-2488




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